Everyone needs friends - Become A Friend of The Racehorse Sanctuary

Together we can create a future that all ex-racehorses deserve

Like all horses, thoroughbreds need their equine friends to enjoy the best in life. Our horses need human friends too: become a Friend of The Racehorse Sanctuary.

Please consider making a regular £3 per month donation to become a Friend of The Racehorse Sanctuary. Friendship means so much to us, both to us humans and to our horses.

On average, over 5,000 horses leave the racing industry each year, but sadly many of them face an uncertain future.

The Racehorse Sanctuary provides a lifeline for these horses. As one of the leading charities for retired racehorses, our work is vital to the long-term thoroughbred horse welfare.

Many ex-racehorses can be retrained to adapt to a slower pace of life and make the transition to becoming a riding horse with ease. However, there are also numerous horses who need more time and support in order to adjust, and that is where you come in.

By opting to contribute a small monthly sum, you can change the lives of countless ex-racehorses in the UK. The Racehorse Sanctuary relies heavily on the generosity of people like you, who believe that all ex-racehorses deserve a second chance. Every penny really does make a difference.

As individuals, the support of friends has been invaluable, as we cope with the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Friends have also been critically important in supporting the work of The Racehorse Sanctuary during this difficult time. However, it has been a real struggle for survival, as our normal fundraising linked to events has been put off even further to an uncertain future.

We really need new friends prepared to make a small but regular donation to underpin our welfare for life commitment to the former racehorses in our care. In particular we need sound enough finances to be prepared to rehome horses, whose owners have had their own lives turned upside down by Covid-19.

If enough of you make what is only a small commitment each month, we can meet the challenges ahead, for the charity and its deserving equine charges.



Click on purple donation button on Just Giving; click on monthly button; select £3 donation amount - or more if you would like to; select other for contribution in lieu of platform fee and choose we suggest somewhere between 10 and 30 pence. – Thank you

Alternatively download a 'Become A Friend' form here

Of course, make a one-off donation if that is what you would prefer to do, but please consider the regular donation option. And if you are a UK taxpayer, do not forget to approve Gift Aid.

Inseparable Friends: Chestnut DudleyAllan and bay Kingley Vale