Become A Friend Of The Racehorse Sanctuary

When you become a Friend Of The Racehorse Sanctuary you help us give an ex-racehorse a second chance

On average 7000 horses leave the racing industry each year, but sadly many of them face an uncertain future.

The Racehorse Sanctuary provides a lifeline for these horses. As one of the leading charities for retired racehorses, our work is vital to thoroughbred horse welfare.

The majority of ex-racehorses are straightforward to retrain and rehome and make the transition to becoming a riding horse with ease. However, some horses need more time, support and your help to adjust

How you can help

The Racehorse Sanctuary relies on the generosity of people like you, who believe that all ex-racehorses deserve a second chance. Every penny really does make a difference.

Please become a Friend and set up a regular donation today from just £3 a month at:

Simply select monthly giving and edit the offered £30 box to £3 or your preferred monthly donation. It's that easy!

Alternatively download a 'Become A Friend' form here