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Save The Racehorse Sanctuary & Rehoming Centre from untimely closure


Save the Racehorse Sanctuary

The former thoroughbred racehorses in the care of The Racehorse Sanctuary desperately need your help to secure the charity's finances and prevent the loss of a trailblazer in lifetime horse welfare.

These magnificent creatures have given their all for our pleasure and entertainment (not to mention monetary gain) during their entire lives, many have even forfeited their lives. When their careers are over due to injury or age all they ask is that we provide food, water, veterinary care and warmth in the winter along with someone who cares and will be there for them. Not a big ask in the scale of things and this is exactly what The Racehorse Sanctuary does with its Sanctuary, Fostering and Rehoming schemes:  in doing so it secures their future for the rest of their lives under our ownership but it costs money that we simply don’t have. Between us we must ensure that all former racehorses can live out their lives secure and cared for, like our courageous and much loved poster boy Moorcroft Boy and the other horses cared for by The Racehorse Sanctuary.

The Racehorse Sanctuary is calling on all horse lovers for help to keep the stable doors open and to save the charity which is facing imminent closure without your support. Please help The Sanctuary to continue to provide a vital support, welfare and a Life After Racing for some of the 4000 horses leaving the racing industry annually.The Sanctuary relies on donations and fundraising to keep the doors open.

Ideally, we need to raise funds to finance us for a year to give The Sanctuary breathing space or at the very least give us time to re-home the current horses for which we have a duty of care.   With an estimated 7 million horse lovers (and over 1 million regular riders) in the UK it would take only a fraction of these to donate 1 pound to make us financially secure - or even allow us to purchase our own property in order to secure our long- term future.