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A truly inspirational challenge for us all


Carrie undertook this challenge because she really wanted people to realize how much she was pushing the boundaries, to encourage them to donate as much as possible to The Racehorse Sanctuary.  She is genuinely petrified of heights and all her friends are aware of this.  She cannot even go to the theatre and sit in the upper circle, or drive over the Dartford bridge unless in the middle lane, let alone climb up a ladder.

The Spinnaker Tower has a window floor at the viewing station; see:, which Carrie cannot go near it, SO yes abeiling down the tower was the ultimate challenge for her!!  This in a week when she had had root canal treatment on a tooth AND been stung by a wasp!!

Carrie DID IT because of the great work the Racehorse Sanctuary and the need to continue this amazing charity, raising in the region of £1600!  What an inspiration she is for us all!!