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We have printed the Sanctuary’s press release below and in doing so we extend our best wishes to Graham and Sue who run the Charity and to the entire Racehorse Sanctuary team.  The business of caring for, retraining and rehoming retired racehorses goes on, however, and if anyone would like to donate to this very worthy cause they can read about the options for donating here or donate directly here

Press Release from the The Racehorse Sanctuary;

The Racehorse Sanctuary is pleased to announce the relocation of the charity to new and improved premises.

To those of you in the equestrian world 'Stilemans' is synonymous with British Eventing and Cross Country and it is our great pleasure to inform you that Stilemans and its wonderful facilities is our new home, the relocation having been completed over the weekend.

The Sanctuary would like to take this opportunity to state the principle objective of the charity: to offer thoroughbred ex-racehorses whether they are fit or injured, young or old, abandoned or simply unable to race, a safe haven - a Life After Racing.

The Sanctuary aims to relieve the suffering of injured, sick or neglected retired Racehorses by the provision of protection, care, rehabilitation and re-homing: and by offering permanent sanctuary to those horses unable to be re-homed.


Once a thoroughbred has been through our rehabilitation programme the charity actively tries to re-home the majority of the horses in its care as either a competition horse, a general riding horse or a companion.  Possible homes are carefully vetted and the horses are regularly inspected and remain the property of the charity.

The Sanctuary is pleased to welcome Carrie Zetter-Wells and Jane Kindred to the expanded Board of Trustees.  Carrie is well known within the horse-racing community as an owner, breeder and assistant trainer and is also a Trustee for the Bob Champion Cancer Trust.  Jane is a sports journalist with p.r. and digital marketing experience.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the Charities Commission for their guidance through these unsettling times.

So...we have a new home, an expanded Board of Trustees - and a new website! Launched last week at

Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank the growing band of Racehorse Sanctuary supporters who have rallied to our cause and made this exciting new beginning possible.  We have received untold letters and messages of support and been offered some really lovely alternative homes but Stilemans, only 30 minutes from our old location at Bridge Hill is a dream location with all the amenities we could wish for including a new sand-school, woodland to hack out in and 30 roomy brick built stables - all set within 140 acres of an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty!

It is our intention to resume our Sanctuary Open Days once our residents have settled in and look forward to inviting our supporters for 'Tea & A Tour' to see our fantastic new home for themselves.